What I Think About When I Have Cereal And Milk

2018/ Book Design/ 7.5” x 10”/ 5 Layer Letterpress Print/ Mohawk Vellum Paper/ 15 Edition Print


I am known for constantly day dreaming, or getting lost in my thoughts. I do this all the time. Sometimes during a conversation, walking down the street, in class or even the elevator.

But I’m especially known by my roommates to be in deep thought when I have my morning cereal and milk.

Through this letterpress printed book, I have recorded the few of many thoughts and questions that go through my mind while having cereal and milk. The natural progression of the thoughts begin with a normal reaction to the cereal and planning what my day would be like. But immediately by the third page, the reader begins to sense how easily distracted the narrator can be. Ending with a sudden sad realisation of the cereal being finished.

The book was presented with a bowl of cereal and milk.

Sequence of thoughts:

Mmm. This is so good.
Is that a person jogging? At this hour? strange.
Maybe I should dye my hair red like Kusama
I wonder how butter feels about Butterfinger
I hope in the future Cereal and Milk exists in Mars
I wonder if Picasso ate cereal and milk
I hope auntie Dolly’s husbands cousin’s mother is feeling better now.
I cant believe dinosaurs existed. What a world!
I really liked the socks I was wearing yesterday. Maybe I could wear them today.
I wonder how long it would take to walk from Chicago to Mumbai.
Oh! That plant is almost dead. Maybe I should call Grandma today.
I wouldn’t like being called Benji if I was Benjamin Franklin.
Fuck. That was the last of the cereal.

© Naomi Shah 2021