Houses of Poetry

Created at Dafi Kühne’s Typographic Summer Program  

2018/ Poster/ 15” x 22”/ 2 Layer Letterpress Print/ 12 Edition Print


In the summer of 2018, I took a typography workshop in Switzerland with designer and printmaker Dafi Kühne. I made this letterpress printed poster there.

The event I created, ‘Houses of Poetry’ was inspired by my fascination with the pastel coloured houses dotted across this town. Each house had its own distinct character. Responding to that, I themed that year’s event in the genre of ‘Experimental Poetry’.

Using a complete manual approach, I collaged different parts of multiple sketches and combined them to create this final artwork.

I imagined what it would be to walk on the streets during these poetry reading sessions. I sensed I would hear different sounds and voices of the poets style, each having their own unique character.

I then created four different sound profiles with text. The text with the poets names is arranged in a linear format to depict a structured, rhythmic sound.

The date text is repeated in irregular patterns to describe a beat like pattern of sound.

General text information about the sponsors, location and event description depicts a more irregular, scattered – all over the place kind of sound.

Lastly, ‘houses of poetry’ is arranged by their syllables and sizes creating a more bold, loud sound.

© Naomi Shah 2021

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