Cult of the Ugly

Based on an essay Steven Heller

2018/ Editorial Design/ 8” x 10”/ Laser Print/ Sterling Gloss Paper


This project organises the Steven Heller’s essay ‘Cult of the Ugly’ in the format of a magazine. My response to arranging this essay was purely typographical.

While reading the essay the first time I was distracted
and baffled by the vocabulary and bored by the length of it. But, to my surprise on reading it the second time I found it very interesting. I had then scribbled many notes and highlighted various names and quotes.

I thought to myself that if I were a reading a design magazine and if I came across this long heavily opinionated essay, would I be interested in reading it? Using this as my starting point I organised the text in a more interactive playful manner, manipulating details of each character, repeating and rearranging words.

This made the type expressive, making the essay less intimidating and a smoother expressive read.

© Naomi Shah 2021