Architecture Lecture Series #1

2018/ Poster/ 20” x 30”/ Inkjet Print/ Enhanced Matte Paper


This poster organises the display word “ARCHITECTURE” in the form of a floor plan, or a room from a bird’s-eye view.

The letters are designed and arranged to symbolise different rooms, boundaries within the floor plan. For example, the first letter ‘R’ of ‘ARCHITECTURE’ stretches out to mimic a long passage way or slope to a lower level.

Likewise with the ‘letter E’ the middle horizontal line is placed strategically in the frame for E to resemble a column or subsections in the floor plan.

The secondary content then finds its place between the large display type, thus appearing more intentional in placement and yet remaining the focus of the poster.

© Naomi Shah 2021

© NAOMI SHAH 2022.